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Dr. Trish Knight is a clinical healthcare counselor and offers Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA).  CRA identifies dis-ease.  Traditionally, we have viewed disease as a degenerative process.  However, disease is better understood when viewed as dis-ease in the human body.  Dis-ease means "without ease," for example, when we suffer the symptoms of a pinched nerve or nutritional deficiencies.  When this occurs, the mind and body are in dis-ease.  Health is not merely the absence of disease; health is when every part of the body is working together effortlessly, relaxed and at ease.

Everything in the human body works in biorhythms.  Energy flows in waves through and around the body to energize the organs, glands and systems. Wherever energy goes, a chemical or nutrition goes with it.  Every organ has an electrical charge, and when over-charged or under-charged, dis-ease or lack of ease occurs.

An overcharged organ is recognized by the production of too much chemistry or too much nutrition.  As a result, body chemistry become imbalanced, organs become enlarged, body shapes become disproportionate, obese, etc.

An under-charged organ produces such a slow metabolism or biochemistry that the body does not have sufficient energy to digest, absorb, or assimilate nutrients, to eliminate toxins and waste, or to motivate itself in an alert, agile, swift manner.  Wherever there is insufficient energy, there is also insufficient chemistry or malnutrition.  When the body is not at ease, it is an effort to go on each day.

Dis-ease can create a domino affect.  In speeding up or slowing down the body chemistry, it can cause organs and glands to become dysfunctional and inhibit cells from regenerating, repairing and growing.  The eventual, long-term effect of dis-ease is disease, as we know it today.

The fundamentals of CRA are to release the flow of energy and chemistry to all parts of the body.  The free energetic flow of the chemistry of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, hormone precursors and synergists is like an orchestra - it brings harmony (homeostasis) of all the parts of the body working together - relaxed, effortless and at ease.